American idles

Do you follow American Idol?  Or as I like to call it, Idle Americans.  If you do or did, you would have heard that they are swapping crazies.  First they had the loopy Paula Abdul who looked as though she was fighting to concentrate on what was happening around her.  Paula is long gone but for the next installment, they have signed on another crazy, Mariah Carey.  At least she doesn’t have to pretend to be off her rocker.

I love Mariah.  She is my favorite female singer out there.  She has pipes to die for but we all know that she’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic basket.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Oh nevermind, she’s not gay. Or is she? who knows these days…

Apparently when they were looking for someone to fill the role, she kept jumping and yelling ‘MIMI!’.  Not sure how much truth that has so I won’t go sharing it if I were you.

Good luck to Mariah on this new venture and goodbye to American Idol.   Now where is my remote?



Hello world!

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