Lindsay Lohan, the shy virgin

Lindsay Lohan at Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fash...

It’s not coming off, unless…

Awww…Lindsay is sooo cute!  While recently filming a sex scene, she got rather uncomfortable, I’m sure we could all understand why, given her uncheckered past and all.  She just couldn’t handle being topless in front of ogling eyes.  Know what she did to cope with this embarrassing situation? She asked the entire male production clue to go topless as well.  Talk about picturing everyone naked as a way to beat the the jitters.  When you have money, there’s no need to use your imagination, you get the real thing.

When I said I could understand it, I was lying.  I can’t understand why someone whose most intimate parts are splashed all over the internet, would have qualms about doing a topless scene for a movie to boot.  (Apparently, when she did the movie ‘Machete’ rumors had it that she was nude for most of the filming).  So I really don’t understand this sudden coyness.  Who is she trying to impress?

Note:  After I wrote the above, I did some more digging into this story and found out that Lindsay Lohan was not embarrassed by the fact that she was topless but the fact that she still had her bottoms on.  According to her, she was not ‘used to being partially nude’.  Phew! That makes it more digestible.  Thanks for clearing that up, Linz.  Oh, she also added, ‘Seeing the men in just their boxers was like viagra to me and totally prepped me for my part’.  You go girl! Polish up that Oscar for Lindsay.

Just for the records, Linz starred sans clothing in Playboy, Machete, The Last Sitting (As a nude Marilyn Munroe), and various ‘leaked’ nude vids and pics on the internet.

Oh Lindsay…

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