No Easy Day

Osama bin Laden dead

Osama bin Laden dead (Photo credit:

I saw Bin Laden yesterday, yes THE  Bin Laden as in Osama Bin Laden.  No, wait a minute, I didn’t.  He’s dead.  Shot execution style as he reached for one of his many guns when the US Navy Seals went calling on him.  He didn’t?  He didn’t do what? He didn’t reach for a gun?  Ohhh, yeah that’s right he didn’t.  A former Navy Seal who was part of the operation, just released a book that according to him, set the records straight as to what really happened on that raid.  Osama was murdered.

(Excuse me but this is funny.  I am writing this blog at work and right at this minute, a supplier pulled up to my office and as coincidence would have it, he was a Muslim in full regalia.  I see an East Indian at my work like twice a year so you could see how coincidental that was, but anyways…).

So how could I have seen Osama yesterday since he was long dead? Well, if the Seals could find him, why can’t I?  If they could also find Saddam in a rabbit hole why can’t I see OBL?  I know it’s him.  I don’t believe he’s dead for one minute.  Yeah right, every couple days, it’s on the news that they  killed an Al Qaeda leader.  So how many leaders does Al Qaeda have or who’s telling the truth?  I am.  I saw Osama.  Not Obama, Osama.   Know who else I saw? Jimmy Buffett.  Sorry, I meant Jimmy Hoffa.

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