Psst…I’ve got a secret

I am bursting at the seams.  I can hardly contain myself!  It’s such a great feeling to know something that no one else does.  Ok let me calm down so I can let you in on this life changing secret.

Well the secret is, I AM GOING TO BE RICH!! Eat your heart out, suckers! You are probably thinking,  “Why are we following this lunatic blogger? What is he on now?”  “Why am I even reading this?”  Think what you want but this blogger is going to be loaded faster than you can say ‘whatever!’.   Never mind, I am sorry for deviating from the script.  But here’s what happen.  Give me a sec while I settle myself down.

Today while at work, my fax machine beeped, signalling the arrival of a fax.  I reached for it and lo and behold, it was from the son of a late president of Ghana!  Late as in dead, not as in tardy.  From the fax, I guess he sort of knows me because he did not say ‘ma’am’, he said ‘sir’.  So how could he have known the recipient was a male?  He had to have known somehow.  Right?

I am not gullible so of course I went and I googled this guy who said he was the son of a President and sure enough, he was indeed who he said he was.  I am so happy! Today is my lucky day! My ship has finally come in!  Thank you Mr. Mills!

The fax started: ““Sir, I am Mr. Samuel Kofi Atta Mills, the son of the late Ghanaian President who died on the 24th of July, 2012. I’m contacting you in view of the fact that we may be of great assistance to each other, likewise developing a cordial business relationship. I currently inherited the sum of ninety five million US dollars ($95,000,000.00) which I intend to use for investment purposes specifically in your country. Best Regards.”

He went on to assure me that I would have to deposit the funds into my account before I could spend it and so he understandably, he needed all my personal information which I was more than happy to give.  For $95,000,000, I would give ANYTHING to ANYONE.

I now await my fortune.   I also included some links to show that Mr. Samuel Kofi Atta Mills is indeed legit.  ( I think I am going to start calling him Sam).


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