Lady Gaga Loves My Meat

Gaga over the meat

Lady Gaga would go to any heights to get attention, that includes wearing anything also.  Her most outrageous was the meat dress she wore, complete with hat also made of meat, to the 2010 MTV Awards.

Last week at a concert, she wore another meat ensemble.  A bikini this time, ‘a strapless, bottomless “meat” corset with a meat thong up the back.’  She even loves the meat up her ass!! Oh dear!  Apparently she was seen wearing other meaty get-ups on other occasions.

The woman loves the meat. She cannot complain when someone leer at her. Yes, of course they are looking at you like a piece of meat, Gaga!  What a waste of talent!  I am not sure what message Gaga is trying to send, except that she loves meat, so whatever it is, it is lost in translation.

At least the paparazzi always know where to find her, just follow the flies or the rotting stench of flesh.  I bet or hope that her concerts are ‘No Dogs Allowed’.

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