Pluto, where are you now?

Pluto crossed out

Pluto crossed out (Photo credit: davidwboswell)

Know who or what I missed today? Hey! How did you guess? Oh nevermind, the damn topic gave it away.  But yes, I missed Pluto.  Not the God of the underground from Greek legend. I am talking about Pluto the ninth planet, well until a few years ago, six years to be exact, when some smart-ass decided it had to go.  It was too small to be considered a planet. So small that they took his name away and gave him a number, 134340.  Pure embarrassment to the little guy.

You could shove that ‘too small’ crap up Uranus! You are just blowing smoke out of your axis!  How would you like it if one day your wife said you were too small to be considered a man? Pluto was not too small.  Good things come in small packages and that could be said of my buddy. They system screwed Pluto!  Yes, the very solar system that he was part of, no longer wanted anything to do with him.  The even called him as a dwarf! A dwarf! Now how rude is that?

Well Pluto my good friend, I don’t know what you are up to these days but I miss you bro, very much. To me, you’ll always be considered a planet.  The ninth planet. I don’t care what anyone says, you deserve that right.  You know what, man? I should look you up sometime. Peace bro!

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