Internal and marital affairs in Detroit

You’re next, baby.!

Have you heard about the head cop in Detroit having internal affairs with a woman?  Oh wait, I think I said that wrong.  Detroit’s Chief of Police had an affair with the woman from Internal Affairs.  Something like that.  My goodness, is that ironic or what?  This woman sure lives her job.

The 44-year old top dog has been holding down his position, not that position, you sick person you! the position of Police Chief.  He has been chief for just two years and this is already his second such charge of infidelity.  His affair average isn’t bad.  Oh yes, he’s also married with kids and the Affairs chick is also married.

To add a spin to all this, this chief dude actually got the job because the old chief was caught in a sex scandal with a subordinate.  It was later found out that our guy had sexual ties to this same subordinate that his ex-boss fooled around with.  My goodness! My head is spinning trying to explain this twisted, sordid tale of affairs.

Anyways, this all started when the IA chick found out that Pastor Godbee, yes he’s a pastor and that’s his real name,  had taken another chick to a police convention.  Apparently she went ballistic and sent out crazy tweets and a pic of her with a gun in her mouth. How romantic.  (They dragged her to the loony bin).

The moral of the story here is uhm…hmmm…don’t cheat and tweet? Don’t have affairs with Internal Affairs?

Godbee with you, woman.

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