Husband has no drive to vote so wife runs him over

This way to vote

A woman was driven…No sorry, I take that back.  A car was driven…Wrong again.  A man was driven?  I have no clue how to introduce this blog about a woman who became so distraught over Barack Obama’s re-election that she immediately went looking for non-voters who she thought were responsible for the election results by their failure to cast a vote.  She didn’t have to look too far as her own husband was guilty of not showing up at the polls.

It started out as a verbal assault in a parking lot.  As the poor husband cowered behind a shrub, or was it a lamp-post?  Holly his wife, screamed  at him. “You asshole!  Because of you, that, that, that damn guy is President again!  You low down piece of shit!  My mom was right! I should not have married you!  You were too lazy to go out and vote for err…what’s his name there! The mittens guy, Romney!”

Danny, the poor husband ventured, “But honey, I love you.  It was raining that day and Hurricane Sandy was on my mind and and and…” “Shut up!   You non-participatory baboon!”  Holly yelled back.  “Get out from behind that lamp-post!”  The husband complied willingly and that’s when Holly drove straight at him.  He tried to race the car across the parking lot but fell.  As he got up, he was hit like a deer and pinned beneath the car.  Holly calmly got out, straightened her dress, grabbed her purse and walked away, leaving Daniel bleeding and critically wounded. The police later caught up to her and she was arrested and charge for something or the other.  As for Daniel, he will be ok.

If this sounded a bit far-fetched, don’t blame me. It’s outrageous and unbelievable but it did happen.  Read it here.

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