Don’t Tickle Me Elmo!


Elmo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well some friends you guys are.  Didn’t even have the decency to tell me that Elmo is gay, not that it matters or anything wrong with it but I like to keep abreast of what’s going on, especially when it’s down my favorite street.  Sesame street that is, to those slow on the uptake.

Let’s get this straight before you run home blabbering to your kids that the Elmo they love is not only gay, (and there’s nothing wrong with that) but also practicing pedophile.  (Lots wrong with that!).  They are only allegations and he’s innocent until he’s proven guilty.  Or is that the other way around?  Apparently, two men are accusing the puppeteer of inappropriate tickling.  In a high-pitched voice, he allegedly said, ‘Me Elmo.  Elmo wants to play with you.  Come tickle me’.   To ease their suspicions, he gave them a test tickle to get things going.  Just kidding about the testicle joke! Sorry for making light of a serious situation.

So anyways, the puppeteer who has been in charge of sticking his hand up Elmo’s butt for many years, is facing charges from at least two adult men who claimed that he had sexual encounters with them when they were under the age of consent.  That’s bad on all fronts if you ask me.  You didn’t  ask? I’m telling you it’s wrong anyways. Kevin Clash, the puppet handler, has denied the claims.  He maintains his innocence.

One of the worst crimes in my book is pedophilia.  Why? Because it robs our kids of their innocence and ruin their future. It leaves scars that sometimes never heal and in some cases, could have tragic consequences.  It should never be taken lightly and any allegation or accusations should be thoroughly investigated..  As parents, we should also make sure that we provide a comfortable and safe environment  to our children so they could speak out if they were ever a victim of this crime.

Saying this, I also have qualms about victims who come out of the woodwork years later saying that they were sexually abused as kids.  Kudos to them for finally finding the strength to do so but for those who immediately seek financial restitution.  instead of saying, “I was sexually abused by so and so and I am now able to find the strength to reveal it so everyone would know that so and so is not a nice person’, they say, “I was sexually molested and I want $5 million dollars”. Seriously? You want money?  And how exactly is that going to help you? And how did you come to that nice rounded figure? Got some quotes from a few shrinks and lawyers?  You see my point here folks?

Now you can go and try to explain all this to your kids, or leave it be. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.  Or would it?

I tried to reach Elmo to get his side of the story but he had no comment.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Tickle Me Elmo!

  1. I’ve never sued anyone, but I don’t know, maybe the money will help pay for the therapy? Or to help you buy a home on your own because you don’t have a double income because you can’t keep a relationship because you have intimacy issues because you were messed with as a kid? Or it could just be that getting money from a predator is one of the only legal methods of revenge for a victim. Maybe they would prefer more of an eye for an eye thing, but I imagine society wouldn’t look too kindly on that, you know? Just saying, I don’t like to judge.

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