Very touching. I have to reblog

Musings Of A Daddy

heavenI am glad you are in Heaven

My bundle of joy.

No more bad people to hurt

Mommy’s little boy.

It’s so hard not to cry

Mommy felt your pain

As that bad man shot his gun

Again and again.


It’s hard not to ask

The question ‘why’

Why did it happen?,

Why did you die?

Why did he enter

Your school with a gun?

Why you my pumpkin?

Why you, my dear son?


It just won’t be Christmas

At our house this year

No sound of your laughter

No sight of you near.

Daddy sends his love

Your grandpa does too

And your friend Jessie

Said she loves and misses you.


Rest now my son

On angels’ wings sleep

I will be strong

I’ll try not to weep

You are in Heaven now, son

In peace may you rest

Your head forever

On God’s loving chest.

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