Monday Musing: The Work Week

th3Are you starting a new office job or new at your current one?  Well there are some things you must know that your co-workers would not tell you.  They never told me and I had to figure it out all my own.  The thing is, your co-workers like slacking off but they hate to see others slacking off. So without further ado, I am going to explain to you newbies what a typical office work week is all about so you can plan your work accordingly and be better at time management. Read and learn.

Monday – No one, not even the boss, expects much out of you.  It’s Monday, you are supposed to be tired or even hungover.  Take it slow.  There’s always Tuesday. Your excuse for screwing something up, “It’s Monday, what do you expect?”  So mope around the office and let everyone know it’s Monday and how much you hate it, or just hang out at the water cooler like everyone else.

Tuesday – Tuesday is the day when you are expected to do some work.  The hangover excuse won’t cut it so don’t even try that.  It could very well be your most productive work day of the week. Grin and bear it.

Wednesday – Better known as Hump Day.  This sounds like a holiday, doesn’t it?  If it has a name, it’s a holiday.  Sort of.  So who ever feels like working on a holiday?  Everyone tells everyone, “Happy Hump day!  Do you know it’s hump day today?”  It’s all downhill from Wednesday.


Thursday – Aha! Friday eve.  “Tomorrow is finally Friday.”  You will hear that a lot.  Thursday is your second most productive day.  You try to finish as much as possible in anticipation for Friday and the weekend.  Plus, you need to catch up on stuff you didn’t get done on the holiday  humpday.

Friday – Need I say anything?  In the summer with a perfect weather outside, your employers might as well shut the place down as nothing is getting done today.  The water cooler gets a workout and the talk is about who has what plans for the weekend.  If you weren’t from earth, you would think it was the first weekend us earthlings are experiencing.”Yay! It’s Friday!  TGIF!” It doesn’t matter that you were a lazy ass for most of the week.  Friday is your day to brag how hard a week it was.  Because the bosses are all out golfing, you think it’s great reason to take off early too. It is.  Whatever is on your desk can wait until Monday.  Happy Friday!



Disclaimer:  The writer holds no responsibility for any disciplinary actions that may occur due to your compliance to the above.


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