Dreaming about the old lady

thI admit, I poked the sleeping bear.  I should have expected to pay the consequences of my actions.  But it’s how I am.  I like living on the edge. I like to stir the pot.  You know that.

Let me set this straight, when I say ‘the old lady’ I am not talking about my old lady. No, I am talking about this old lady co-worker.  Let’s say older lady or older woman for politically correct reasons.

The older woman, scratch that.  Older woman sounds too formal and takes the fun out of the blog.  So back to the ‘old lady’ we go.  So anyways, she’s a bit of a prude and always one-ups everyone in the office.  “Hey old lady, I cooked a wicked turkey last night!”  You would say to her.  Her response would be something like this,  “Oh yeah?  I cooked this one last week that tasted like heaven. I had it with this and that and more of this and some of that, blah blah blah.”  So you can see why and how she annoys her co-workers.  And don’t ever think of crying on her shoulders.  You’ll end up getting an earful of her woes instead.  Your feet hurt?  Hers hurt even more.  Headache? Nothing compared to the one she had last week.

So because it’s how I am.  I made myself the old lady’s knight in shining armor.  Yes, she also irritates the hell out of me but I still decided to take one for the team and be her office friend.  As I like to bug people and press their buttons, I decided to also make her my next victim.  Knowing that she’s prudish, I would bug her almost daily about having a tryst.  (No, you silly reader! I am married.  Of course I didn’t mean it!). “Let’s go out later just the two of us.” I would say to her.  Well one day it came back to bite me in the ass.  She didn’t call my bluff or raped me but I actually had a dream starring the old lady!  Yes! I know eh!  Don’t laugh, it’s not funny!  I dreamt I fooled around with the old lady!  I immediately decided no more bugging her.  At least not in that way.  So far, no more dreams.

Was it good? Don’t ask silly questions.  I plead the 5th.

Prude definition:  a person who is overly modest or proper in behavior, dress, or speech, esp. in a way that annoys others

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