Absolutely Gorgeous? Really?


Mired in this 6-month long frozen tundra, we get excited when temperatures climb by a mere degree.  After a week of temperatures in the -40 range, -25 is cause for celebration and celebrating we do!  Not me.  I hate to feel uncomfortable and cold weather, whether -40 or -1 makes me not comfortable.  So I am naturally prone to be less than enthusiastic about a few degrees climb up the temperature ladder.

Now I don’t mind those who are more inclined to treat -15 as the best thing they have ever feel.  “absolutely gorgeous!” “What a beautiful day!”  “It sooo nice outside!” They would gush as they come indoors, dressed in heavy winter jackets, gloves and ear muffs.  Oh yeah? It’s so gorgeous yet you are decked out like an Eskimo?  It’s like getting punched in the mouth, then complimenting your opponent on a great left hook.

A year ago to the day, it was +20 degrees.  Come to think of it, I didn’t hear one comment on how gorgeous it was then…


This is what a gorgeous day look like.

2 thoughts on “Absolutely Gorgeous? Really?

    • Yes Katie. Unfortunately I live where -25 is considered a nice winter. It’s April and we are still experiencing close to -25 with the windchill factored in. Brrr…

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