It’s Almost 3am And I Can’t Sleep!


sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Pardon me for waking you up at this ungodly hour but I cannot sleep!  I lay there with my mind going at a break-neck speed.  Doesn’t it realize that it has all day tomorrow to think? I am hot, I am uncomfortable, I am restless.  Then I thought that maybe I should get myself a drink.  As in the hard stuff.  But then I remember the warnings.  “Don’t drink before bed, you won’t be able to sleep”.

But wait a minute!  What kind of conspiracy is this??  Have you ever seen someone under the influence with their eyes wide open and alert?  Exactly!  They are always fast asleep!  Passed out somewhere, anywhere.  Seems like the perfect sleeping pill to me.  So why lie to us?  So we won’t deplete the stock?

I tried the sheep counting thing but that kept me even more awake.  I stayed up wanting to find out how many sheep there actually were.  So here I am blogging at 2:46am.  Everyone’s asleep.  Oh, I just had some mini wheats cereal, maybe that would do the trick.  Well if it doesn’t, you know where to find me.  I’m off to give it another shot…night night.  Actually I should say ‘good morning’.

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