Friday Folly: Al Quaeda Leader Is Calling.

Imam Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen October 2008, ta...

Imam Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen October 2008, taken by Muhammad ud-Deen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Again I missed an important call!  Just when I thought that I was well connected with all the social medias and electronic gadgets, I’m still missing important calls.  Today I found out that the Al Quaeda leader, now how many Al Quaeda leaders are there? called for attacks on American soil.  In his words, he wants to ‘bleed American economically.’

First, I hate missing stuff.  Anything.  My wife is always the one to tell me they are calling for snow, or sleet or rain or whatever.  When I asked who is ‘they’ and when did they call, she looks at me like I’m weird and walks away.  Now back to this Al Quaeda fella.  So he wants me to do what?  He could have left a message on my voicemail.  Not that I would have complied with his wishes but still…

I would have returned the call but apparently Al Quaeda operatives are a bit overly suspicious as he had his number blocked.  Hey, Mr. Quaeda leader, if you read blogs, follow this…DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN!  I don’t care if you are calling for bombings or beatings or what have you.  Do not call.  You are an idiot!  If you have a problem with America, go and discuss it with them yourself!  Do not include me in your stupid terror plans!  You give muslims a bad name.  Heck, you give humans a bad name!

Oh how I wished I had picked up the phone when he called…

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