Who Gargled My Milk?

gargleMouthJill_largeI stumbled across a website a few days ago advertising a product called, ‘White Power Milk’.  Well I didn’t really stumble across it, my nephew and his friend were telling me about it so I of course googled it.  At first I was like WTF?! This shit’s for real? Then I dug a little deeper and found out it was intended to be art. Art! Again I was like WTF?!

The website, found here, advertised gargled milk for sale.  The whole process is described and involves beautiful, (Not in my opinion) white girls with clean medical records, gargling milk to remove  contaminants. How much more artistic could you get? Their milky white necks bent backwards while white foam could be seen between their lips…mmm…art!  NOT!!

It’s a good thing it’s a fictitious piece of work.  It is, right? Tell me it is, dammit!  None for me, thank you.  I’ll be getting my milk from Shakira.


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