The World’s Ending! Get Me To A News Reporter Quick!

ines-sainzFirst let me say that my thoughts are prayers go out to the people of the Philipines devastated by the monster typhoon this weekend.  I can’t imagine your pain and loss.

While following this news, I watched videos of reporters reporting from the heart of the devastation.  It made me wonder, how come these news people are always in the centre of trouble but rarely, if ever, get hurts?  Afghanistan, smack dab in the middle of the Taliban war, Iraq war with bombs dropping all around, Hurricane Katrina, you name it, they are right in the middle of it and while reporting live, look none the worst for wear.  Makeup done right, dressed neat, even in high winds and rain.  I don’t know how they do it.

So I made a silent vow while I watched the coverage of the typhoon.  In the event of a war or life threatening disaster, I am going to find the closest news reporter and stick to her like glue.  Yes, I hope it’s a ‘her’.   I’ll go to hell with a news reporter at my side and I’ll fear no evil for she’s with me.  Her Mike and her notes will comfort me.


From the fiery pits of Hell, this is Inez Sainz reporting.  Hey! Excuse me! Why are you clinging to me?  Get off me! You are cramping my style.


Don’t worry Eggman! I’m coming to save you!!

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