Christmas is like an orgasm

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I love Christmas but what I really enjoy is not the day itself but the days leading up to it. After Christmas it’s like everyone suddenly exhaled . Whoosh! Christmas is finally over so now I can be myself!  But seriously, you know what I mean, right?  The weeks leading up to the Big Day is all fun.  Fun at work and at home.  Even at the malls. One could get away with murder!  Well not literally.  The day itself goes much too fast.  Like how much can you really eat and drink?  And I find it a bit of a let-down.  You know like that wicked build up you get prior to an orgasm and you anticipate an explosion but your partner changed whatever he was doing so instead of explosion you get maybe something more like an implosion?  You know what I mean, don’t play coy with me!


So how is Christmas like an orgasm?  Well after all the build up, it’s over before you know it.  Bam! Just like that.  Oh! Oh! Christmas is coming! It’s coming! Oh yes! Yes! Yesssss!!!!  Don’t stop Christmas! Shit!  You stopped!  And before you know it, it’s back to the same old same old.  Grumpy shoppers, selfish people. No post-sex cuddles.  Just wham bam thank you ma-am Christmas.






Tuesday’s Thoughts: Nelson Mandela, The South African Phoenix

A great man died today. RIP Mandela! True Hero!

My Vuze, My Takes

I admit, I do not know enough about Mr. Nelson Mandela.  As a little boy growing up in the Caribbean, Mandela’s name was second to God.  Who was this man?  I grew up hearing chants of  ‘Free Mandela!’ from Calypso singers, reggae greats and poets.  Even the legend,  Bob Marley sang about him.  Our school books talked about him.  To my ignorant mind, he was God-like.

I was told that he fought against the apartheid system that ruled his country and was imprisoned because of it. That’s all I knew.  In a nutshell.   A black man was jailed for fighting racism in his country and we wanted him freed.  The world wanted him freed.  Even the white people!  He must be a great man!  Every kid needs a hero and I had found mine.  “Free Mandela!”.  I too picked up the chant.  “End Apartheid!”  I started chanting long before…

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