Friday Folly: Hey, Can You Hold My Pipe While I Board This Plane?

thA teenager flying from Edmonton to party in Mexico, decided to take along his homemade pipe bomb to either trade for drugs or protect himself from the drug cartel that terrorize Mexico.  As he walked through airport security, he was fortunate to be in the line of the Canada’s Dumbest Guard.

Skylar Murphy’s bag was searched and revealed that he was carrying the bomb.  The guard took it out, looked at it then tried to hand it back to the teen.  I REPEAT, HE TRIED TO HAND THE PIPE BOMB BACK TO THE TEEN.  Yep, you heard me.  The teen who was by now either disgusted that his pipe was touched by another man’s hand or bored of the process or had a change of heart about taking a pipe bomb to Mexico, refused to take the bomb back.  “Nah, I’m cool.  It’s yours now buddy.”

The guard in an obvious state of excitement did nothing.  Well nothing to deter the flight of the intruder.  Sorry, got carried away there. I meant he did nothing to hinder the teen who normally should have been pounced upon and beaten into submission by three or four burly Canadians while being pepper sprayed for good measure.  Air traffic safety violations are not to be taken lightly, right? Or is that the past? When guys like Obama, oops, I meant Osama, threatened our safety?

Videos later showed what transpired and a meeting was called to save face.  When Skylar returned from his trip to Mexico, sans pipe bomb, he was greeted by a welcoming party of officers, swat team and bomb sniffing dogs.  Man these people sure know how to make up for their gaffe…Skylar was later charged a fine of $100.  Apparently, the minimum fine for something like this is usually in the tens of thousands plus jail time but the it’s Canada and even the justice system is nice.  Come on, it’s Canada eh.

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