People Are Having Texts As We Speak!

Student texting during class

Group S

Yes they are!  Haven’t you noticed? No one cares anymore.  They are having text while driving with their windows down, in their homes with curtains wide open.  I can see them. Some have group texts with friends, foursomes, threesomes, even solo texts. I am not a voyageur but I see it all the time and I can’t help but stare.  Look honey, that couple at the dinner table!  The chick he’s with is having text with someone else! Poor sap.

There’s text on the dance floor, text on the beach, text everywhere.  Their digits moving up and down in textual rhythm.  There’s no protection.  Unsafe texts but who cares?  Who cares about contracting some textual disease?  Seems like everyone is a text maniac these days.  It’s a pandemic. We are living in a textual society!

Just last week my friend who is kinda texty and also a sex fiend, wanted to get her texts on with me.  I declined letting her know I was not having text with her.  It didn’t stop her.  I had to tell her in plain talk that I found her desirable but couldn’t have text with her at this time.  Plus I was married. She ended up having solo text.  I saw the whole thing.

Some are discreet and go private when they are having texts.  Some are text whores, having texts with just about anyone that want to, or are willing to, have text with them.  It’s not a crime but it’s sweeping the nation.

I am not keen on text but if you think we should have texts, send me a message and if I find you texty, you never know…


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Monday Madness: Keep Your Head To Yourselfie.

The dreaded school head lice letter

The dreaded school head lice letter (Photo credit: ChezMummy)


Do you or someone you know take selfies?  Do you or someone you know have head lice?  How about this, are you a regular selfie taker who happen to also have head lice?  Maybe it’s not such a coincidence as you may thing.  It turns out that the two are connected.  How? Don’t ask silly questions. It’s plain as day. Let’s put our heads together on this one.  Oh actually, let’s not.


I read somewhere, probably here, that head lice is prevalent among selfie-taking taking teen girls.  This is due to girls putting their heads together when taking a photo of themselves.  No idea on how the other person got the lice in the first place but with my dirty mind, I’m thinking that perhaps their partner had pubic lice and…nevermind. Too much information.


Closer guys.

Closer guys.


So next time you decide to take a selfie with your bffs, make sure you know where your head is at all time and keep it to yourself.





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