Searchers Find Wing and Piece Of Tail!!

MH 370 - Vanished In Thin Air....If U C Please...

MH 370 – Vanished In Thin Air….If U C Please Report…Thank You…..Join In Our Prayers…..Please….. (Photo credit: Sunciti _ Sundaram’s Images + Messages)

Breaking News! Officials associated with the search for missing Malaysian airline flight MH370, have found a wing and a piece of tail believed to belong to the hapless airline. This breaking bit of news was met with…wait a minute…hold on…I’ll be right back.

Sorry about the above. Word just reaching me has disclaimed the previous claim.  Apparently, the wing thought to have belonged to the plane was actually a piece of uneaten chicken wing.   A tanned and toned blonde suntanning on a floating air mattress was also confused for a piece of tail.  This blogger apologize for the misleading bit of info. Please disregard.

In related news, officials are standing by their initial claim that the plane went down somewhere in the Indian/Atlantic/Pacific ocean.  “All aboard have perished without a doubt”, said an unnamed official. Asked why there wasn’t a shred of evidence to suggest this, his reply was, “Evidence Shmevidence!”  While they dither, other countries have joined the search and are scouring the seas for signs of debris.

The latest development on this case, a sound that was ‘just like’ beacon on a black box have been picked up by an Australian ship. It wasn’t really a ship but ‘just like’ a ship.

In other news, I had something that felt ‘just like’ sex last night with someone ‘just like’ my wife.  Is that ‘just like’ the same?

Note:  The above does not in any way take away from the seriousness of the situation and does not attempt to make light of the grief that the families are going through.  It is however, a humorous take on the way the officials are bumbling their way through the case with their half-baked assumptions.




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