Welcome To The Pen, Now Your Butt Is Mine.

thEveryone knows that in jail you never ever drop the soap.  Well actually dropping it is not the problem but picking it up is another story.  In fact, don’t bend over period. Not in jail. It’s like waving a bone in front of a starving dog.

A very gullible and innocent prisoner from Manitoba Canada learned this lesson the hard way. No pun there.  While bending over to ‘put some food away’ his cell mate grabbed his butt and apparently made crude sexual remarks to the effect of wanting to put something away too.  In the poor guy’s anal cavity.  The victim, gullible as he was, did not take to kindly to this and filed a complaint. Bro, what happens in prison stays in prison.

In his defense, the perp claimed that the victim was actually having a homosexual affair with another cell mate and wanted him out of there. My oh my.  The things that go on behind those steel bars…But it’s quite ok because I really don’t need to know and perhaps you don’t either.


Read it here:


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