Pakistani Cannibals

Just when you thought this place couldn’t get any weirder they went and did this.  By this I mean ate people.  Wait, stop.  Let me talk like a normal person so you could pick up what I’m putting down.  Two brothers from Pakistan were arrested for digging up corpses and devouring their flesh.  Think of it as Walking Dead, Flesh Eating Human Disease, People Eating People, whatever, I don’t care, just think of it.

Anyways, these two fine young cannibals were arrested before for eating approximately 100 corpses, here. I repeat, THEY ATE 100 CORPSES!!  Yet they were released after a short stint in prison, to continue their devouring ways.  Police were alerted that they were up to their old tricks when families complained that their dead relatives were missing.  Police raided the men’s home and found head of boy.  Apparently the body of girl, missing a leg was also found.  The Pakistani Cannibals were said to have cooked the victims up in curry. Yummy!

Rest assured that this time these men would not be leaving their prison confines anytime soon.  At least they shouldn’t.  Sick world I tell ya…

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