Writer Wants Black Poussey, Not What You Think.

Have you been watching Orange Is The New Black? That’s some serious show! Straight up in yer face action of the lesbian kind! I’m telling you! It’s tense.  Granted, it does make prison look like a fun place to be.  Well at least women prison. I won’t complain if I got thrown in there.  Know what else it makes look cool? Lesbians.

If I were a woman, watching OITNB would make me a bit curious. Just a wee bit until I satisfy that curiosity. You feeling me?  Heck, even the darn writer of the show is not immune to this.  She wrote the show for goodness sakes! You would think she’d be like, “Nah, this shit’s not real.  This doesn’t happen in real-life.”  Yet after writing/watching/thinking about all that girl-on-girl action, she decided that she wanted in. The woman was married! To a man! She’s now filing for divorce. She wanted a black Poussey! Yes, black Poussey! What? You thought I said pussy? I would never say that! Poussey is one of the inmates on the show. And yes, she’s black.

Lauren Morelli, the show’s writer, decided that the stuff she writes about was so darn hot and out of this world that there was no way her husband could give her that feeling. So she said to hell with it! I’m going in!  She’s filing for divorce but before it’s all finalized, she’s already into Poussey. At the Emmy’s, I heard that she couldn’t keep her hands off Poussey. I don’t really blame her, there’s just something about that black Poussey that just makes you…I dunno.  Well as the saying goes, once you go black, you’ll never go back.

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