Bill ‘Get Cozy’ Cosby Went Nowhere Without His Pill

Ole Bill Cosby
Was a sly old fox
A real sly one was he.
When he wanted a chick
He became a real prick
Not like the Dad on TV.

Old Bill was no fool
He acted so cool
And he always had a good joke
He took the girls drinking
Who didn’t know he was thinking
Of finding a place he could poke.

Old Bill they could trust
Not the type who would lust
Or take advantage of women.
He would never think
Of spiking their drink
You think? well then think again.

Old Bill was indeed a snake
He was Mr. Huxtable, for Christ’s sakes!
What’s wrong with this man?
I was once a fan
Now I wish he would jump in a lake!

Well Mr. Huxtable aka Bill
Put all his girls on the pill
And then against their will
He then took his fill
While asleep he went for the kill.

I hope Bill pays
The case must stay
Rape is indeed a crime.
Cosby or not
In jail he should rot
Please let Old Billy do time!








4 thoughts on “Bill ‘Get Cozy’ Cosby Went Nowhere Without His Pill

  1. All the people who give me the creeps have eventually been outed by history for their creepiness.

    I never liked Tom Cruise and now we know he’s an egomaniacal dolt. (see Scientology)

    Shia Lebeouf gave me the creeps right out the gate and now he has a bag over his head.

    Cosby always had an icky aura to me and know we know why.

    I’m just waiting for the shit to hit the fan on Denzel Washington and Leonardo Dicaprio. Those two should be under survelliance.

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