Unscrambling the US elections

Flag of the United States of America

Flag of the United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally! The race for the job as top dog of the United States of America is finally over.  You can all vacate the premises please.  Nothing to see here.  Everything is just as it was a day ago.  Except that I, as an ignoramus when it comes to politics, am overwhelmed with questions about the electoral process.


First, why are retirees even allowed to run for the most stressful job in the world?  Year after year, I see men in their late sixties trying to be president. It’s not exactly a Walmart Greeter.  In 2008, the race pitted a 47-year-old Obama against a 70-something year old McCain  To me, that’s outrageous.  (I wonder if he even stayed up to watch the results). It would have been disgraceful if the old guy had beaten the young man.  Hare and tortoise proportion.


Enough on the age issue.  I also don’t get the confusing process of electing a President to office.  I was of the opinion that voters go out, place their votes, votes get counted and the majority wins.  What the heck are electoral votes? College votes? (Or is it electoral college?) Popular Votes? etc. etc.?  Can someone explain to me how I could win the majority of the votes but lose the election based on the senate or the popular or the college or the whatever votes?  Should I ask Al Gore?   Do you think he would know? Call me dumb, I don’t care.  I have been called worst. Ok, not really.  I have been called smart before though.  There was this one time when…oh nevermind. Got distracted a bit there.


Let’s end this on a good note. Congrats to Obama for getting another kick at the can.  Another go at it.  Another term in office.  (Is it called The Black House now? Or would that be politically incorrect?)  What I don’t get is the frenzy and the tizzy that everyone is in this morning.  Yes, Obama won but in my opinion, it would not have been any different if the other guy had won instead.  We would have barely noticed.  Maybe that’s why I don’t do politics. I can’t tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.  I can differentiate between a surplus and a deficit though.


I read somewhere that the breakdown was basically the blacks and Hispanics supported the black guy and the older white guys voted for a white president.  That’s right folks.  That’s exactly how you do it, pick your president based on your color preference.  Hate to rain on your parade here but remember, GWB (That’s not short for Grumpy White Bitch) was also re-elected to a second term…just saying.


Gotta run, talk later.  Go Obama!!!