Friday’s Folly: Shakira! Shakira! More Milk Please!

English: Shakira at the Rock in Rio concert in...

English: Shakira at the Rock in Rio concert in 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I read somewhere, maybe here, that singer Shakira loves the art of breastfeeding so much that she apparently said she would love to breastfeed her son until he starts college.  Those are strong words, Shak!


Now in case Shakira doesn’t know this, after kids turn 5, they usually go through a phase where they don’t want anything to do with their parents, much less their boobs.  If her son remains true to form, it is quite safe to say he might not enjoy taking time away from playing   Xbox 360 or watching UFC, to grab a few sips of milk from his hot mommy’s mammaries.  Even if it does a body good.


That’s where I come in.  Because she loves, really loves, breastfeeding, I am hereby offering my services to Shakira.  I love milk and I suck.  Well my wife says I do…so it’s a win-win situation.  Plus with these lips, I could suck the paint off a wall and you know that…(drum roll please)  LIPS DON’T LIE!