Why I Hate Hot Chicks

I am suddenly craving a burger

I am suddenly craving a burger

It has nothing to do with being jealous.  Why would I be jealous?  I am a guy and I don’t have vagina envy.  I just don’t like hot chicks because they make me do things I shouldn’t. No, not that, well ok, that too.

Take for instance the other day.  I was watching sports on my tv, minding my own business when out of the blue, this hot chick dressed in a nice pair of skinny jeans and midriff-baring top showed up on my screen drinking Miller Genuine Draft.  Well  darn it! If this chick was drinking beer I was too. I want to be on her team.  So I went out and got me a case of beer.  Yes, Miller Genuine Draft.  I said I wanted to be on her team, didn’t I?

There are other examples.  Like the time I was reading the paper and there was an ad for a private college.  It showed a hot blonde chick sitting at her desk taking Medical Terminology. Yes, I enrolled.  I never did see her or any other hot chicks there so I quit after about a week or so.

I have bought exercise equipment, vehicles, beds, food and other some weird stuff.  Why?  Because I have a weakness for hot chicks and whatever they are doing it, I want to do it too.  Isn’t that the reason they are in the commercials?

Hot chicks are bad for me but good for business.