When Stars Collide

Don’t you just love it when celebs fight? It’s not like the normal fights us peons have. It’s kinda funny, stupid and dumb at the same time. And then to top it off, their twitter followers usually side with them and harass their opponents. Take Kid Rock and Beyonce for example.  Apparently Kid Rock questioned The Queen Bey’s claim to success, saying that she doesn’t have a legit hit but still is uber successful. What does the Bey say? Well she didn’t have to say anything, her Beyhive did all the talking, spamming poor Kid Rock’s Twitter page and his other social media accounts. Poor Mr. Rock, indeed.

To be fair, Beyonce has earned her stripes the hard way, by being a Queen B as in…nevermind that but contrary to what the Kid said, she does have some smash classic hits, destined to go down in the annals of music history.  Songs such as…nevermind that also. I am so forgetful today.  Part of growing old I guess.

Beyonce is best known for being half of a Beauty And The Beast relationship.  Can you guess which half she is? Kid Rock also thinks that the Bey’s body, notably her ass, is to be blamed or credited for her astounding success. Some may say it’s the Beast in her. Oops! No pun there.  Still waiting for some leaked pics of her to determine what exactly is responsible for the buzz around the Bey. Oh Beyhive!


Friday Folly: I Am One Smart Brother

So by now you would have heard that power couple Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are on the outs. You may have also heard that her sister bitch slapped him a month or so ago in an elevator while Beyonce looked on.  Apparently Solange wasn’t happy with the way her sister was being cheated treated. What? Jay-Z was creeping on the lovely and talented Beyonce? How could he? Well before you get asking that, ask instead, “How couldn’t he?”

Rumor has it that Beyonce is upset that her husband was all up in Rihanna’s grill. Know what I’m saying? And everyone went, “Oh no! Not Riri!” And I go, “Yawn”.  You see I am one smart brother. I knew all this stuff while it was still only a thought process. “How?” you asked, easy. Jay-Z is a rapper. Rappers cheat. Ok, maybe that’s like saying all black guys have big penises, which they do so that point is moot. Yeah, they all cheat, it’s the GAME, they have to play it or be pussies. It’s the life they live.

When Rihanna came on the scene, she was first signed to Jay-Z’s record label and right away I knew he was tapping it.  How could he not? She was exactly the prime cut he was waiting for. Fresh and young Caribbean meat! Come on Bey! you knew that too. I know I’m smart but you are no dummy yourself…um, never mind that last bit.

So there you have it. Today you learned that all most rappers are cheaters. You learned ‘Up in her grill’, you also learned that I’m one smart brother, something you should have known after reading my first blog.

Tales From Superbowl

odds-to-win-the-super-bowl-2013Superbowl 2013 is over and the Ravens are the new champions.  I am not a big football fan. I watch the odd game on a Sunday afternoon but I don’t have a favorite team or anything.  Well I kinda like the Redskins but that’s about it.

Yesterday’s game was more about the food and the good time hanging out with family and friends than it was about the game. Oh, and also about the commercials and the halftime show.

Beyonce, who I am not a fan of, was good.  Scratch that, she was awesome! She looked as hot as the fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza I was enjoying as I watched her gyrate and twist herself up like a pretzel.  I enjoyed every bit of it.  It was good to see Destiny Child on stage together again too.  But I’m still not a Beyonce fan. But those legs…


Were you still watching when the lights went out? What’s up with that ?  Know what I think?  I think there was some guy or guys outside who wanted to get in but couldn’t.  So they did something like pulled a plug or whatever, plunged the place in darkness then sneaked in.  Didn’t you noticed there were a couple faces you saw in the second half that you didn’t see in the first? Yep, that’s exactly what I think happened.  Share that.  Or it could also have been a ploy by the 49ers.  Maybe they used the cover of the blackout to spike the Ravens’ Gatorade.  That would explain the sudden turn around in the ball game…Nah!  I’ll go with the first one.

What else?  Oh the commercials.  That psy guy is all over the place eh?  His 15 seconds of fame is turning into 365 days.  Did you catch his commercial, doing the Gangnam style and all?  And the actual football game?  Did you happen to catch a bit of it in between commercials? It was a yawner before the lights went out and I actually thought the Ravens were going to murder the 49ers.  (Oops, pardon the Ray Lewis pun.  You didn’t catch that?) but after that it got a bit more interesting and the 49ers acquitted themselves well.  (Sorry, couldn’t help that one).

Oh and how awesome and touching was that performance by the Sandy Hook kids, (I call them survivors)?  Too bad most of us only chose to remember Beyonce’s legs.

See you next year for Superbowl 2014.  Can’t wait.  I wonder what my wife will cook up…

So, do you think Ray Lewis got away with murder?  Ok nevermind. Sorry for bringing that up.  I think he did though.