Boy wants girl and girl wants love

Consider this, you, as a guy, send a photo of your penis to a random girl online.  In most case, she will respond with,  ”WTF?  OMG! What is this shit? This is sick! What kinda pervert is this?” She then either deletes it or shows it to her friends so they could enjoy a good laugh at your expense.  Not once did she think of trying to get some pleasure out of it, in fact she finds it revolting and disgusting.

Now let’s reverse that..  You, still as a guy, receive a nude pic of a random chick online.  Unless she’s fat, gross and hideous, you respond with, “WTF?  Whoa!  This chick is hot! Holy Shit!”  Then you do one or all of these.  You disappear to the bathroom, you keep it to yourself or you show your friends.  In some cases, like in Amanda Todd’s, you find out who the sender is and try to blackmail her into performing sex acts or strip shows, which leads into the next scenario.

You, as a chick now,  are now being blackmailed by someone who saw a nude pic of you online.  You were drunk and regret your actions but it’s too late.  He now wants you to engage in sexual acts or give him a private show.  He threatens to publicize your photo is you resist.  You freak out immediately.  “OMG! This must be a nightmare!  My life is ruined!”  You either call the cops or notify relevant authorities.  You do not comply with their wishes.  In Amanda’s case, she couldn’t deal with the resulting bullying and end her life.  God bless her soul.

Ok, stay with me here.  I’ll be done soon.  As a guy, you received an email saying someone saw your dong online and unless you put on a private show, it’s going to end up on Facebook or splattered all over the web for all to see.  Well unless you have an embarrassingly small and sickly looking member, you react with a grin. “OMG! This is funny! This is a fricking dream come true.”  You then call up your best friend,  “Hey man, guess what? Some chick found a pic of me and wants me to give her a show.  Oh yeah, she said if I don’t, she’ll put it on Facebook.  What? Of course I will do it!  I hope she brings her friends too.  I might get laid man!”  Your buddy replies, “Sweet!  That’s some cool shit, dude!”

A woman wants what’s attached to the member.  She wants a man. Someone to hold and to love and be loved by.  A man wants what attached to the girl, even if he has to take the girl just to have it.

A few notes:  This is only a generalization.  There are exceptions in that some women might be delighted to receive a pic of an unknown guy and react the same as a guy would.  Some guys too may find it disgusting to get a nude pic from a woman they don’t know, no matter how hot she is.

Also, the unfortunate circumstances that led to the death of Amanda Todd are simply unacceptable!  Bullying in any form needs to end now before more young lives are lost.