They Are Burning Overweight Babies In California!!

thThis is no joke!  In California, if your baby is overweight they burn him/her.  Yes, I happen to find out this disturbing bit of news yesterday while reading some news from a reliable source.  You can even check it out for yourselves, I will leave the link below.

Apparently a baby weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds was burn sometime ago in California. For whatever reason, he was burn to death soon after by the doctors.  This is Hitler plain and simple! Hate crime against fat.  We can’t stand around and allow our fat kids to be burn all because of what? A few pounds?

Say no to Baby burning!  And if you are due to deliver soon, have a home birth.  You never know if you are going to have a whopper or a quarter pounder.


Read it all here:




Greg Norman Dropped on Golf Course By Big Bird

Norman tees off at Royal Birkdale

On a golf course in California, Greg Norman, popularly called ‘The Shark’, was dropped presumably from the sky, on a golf course.  He was still breathing and very much alive and it was thought that a bird must have picked  him up while swimming and dropped him on the course, close to the 18th hole.

Hold on…one sec…My more-informed wife is just telling me that I am reporting erroneously.  Greg, she says, had nothing to do with this story. She said that I should go back and read it again.  Gimme a minute, I’ll be right back.

Aha! I got it. An actual shark was dropped on a golf course!  OMG!  Look up it’s a bird, no, it’s a sha….Ouch!!  You could never be too safe on those golf courses eh?

So the story is that a bird, (well I did get that part right) was the culprit or shark thief in this case of whodunnit.  Now I am thinking, if a bird could grab a shark from the sea and drop it on land, we have a much bigger (no pun) issue than a live shark on a golf course.  Was it a pre-historic type bird?  Maybe a phoenix?  Well thank goodness it wasn’t Greg Norman, The Shark.