Wacky Wednesday: There Was A Young Man Who Swallowed A Toe.

mi-sourtoeI intended to blog about Miley Cyrus but it seemed like my draft was moved to trash.  Is that some kinda hint?  Well I guess that’s where it belongs.  So, have you heard about the fella who swallowed a severed toe?  If not, read on…

There was a fella who swallowed a fly
And please don’t bother asking me why
But I sincerely thought he’d die.

But the same fella, he swallowed a swatter
They tried to warn him but it didn’t matter.
He swallowed the swatter to kill the fly
And lucky for him, he didn’t die.

The fella next he swallowed a hook
To grab the swatter by its crook.
The swatter was to kill the fly
And no, he still didn’t die.

And then the man swallowed a hand
To grab the hook, you understand?
The hook to pull the swatter out
The swatter killed the fly, no doubt
I still don’t know why
That silly fella didn’t die.

And then he did something really strange
All this swallowing perhaps made him deranged
He swallowed a severed human toe!
Nail and all if you must know!
He deserved a kick in his behind
But for his stupidity, he was fined.

He didn’t die from what I hear
But when he poops, he gets kicked in his rear.