Friday Folly: They Killed Him Again!

Nazario Moreno Gonzalez has been killed! Again.  Who was this Nazario Moreno? Well he was the head of The Knights Templar Cartel in Mexico.  *Yawn*.

What makes this case bloggable was the fact that Nazario was killed once before.  I kid you not!  He was declared dead by the government only to resurface recently. Upon being killed, Nazario was heard to utter, “Oh shit! No again!” In Spanish of course.

Ok, here’s what actually went down.  Everyone knows how corrupt Mexican officials are. They work mostly in cahoots with the cartels.  The government doesn’t run the country, the cartels do. The authorities told Nazario to go underground and they would make sure everyone thinks they killed him but unfortunately, living a life of obscurity wasn’t Mr. Gonzales thing. When he showed up again like a resurrected king, they made darn sure he would never show up and embarrass them again. While I blog, efforts are being made to replace Nazario.

On a side news, El Chapo, the world’s most powerful drug lord was also captured last month.  Here. Seriously, how many cartel heads are there in Mexico? El Chapo was much-sought after by Mexican Marines, they have Marines in Mexico? working alongside the US DEA.  It was rather difficult to track down El Chapo and after a few tips, he was found hiding out at his resort.  Who would have thought to look there? Told you those Mexicans are smart.  Oh I didn’t tell you?  Well they are.

So there you have it, another drug lord killed, again and another captured. Now you are all caught up with the news.  The Mexican news that is. Have a good weekend.