Friday Folly – Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens (film)

Illegal Aliens (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pardon me if I get this wrong, it’s not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  As I’m not the smartest tool in the shed, I think I am kind of lost when it comes to the issue of illegal aliens in the USA.  I read somewhere in the news that they were granting some sort of amnesty to illegal aliens and I thought, ‘There are aliens in the US?  And what makes some legal and some illegal?”  Illegal aliens…sounds oxymoronic to me.

I am thinking of the movie Men In Black here.  I imagine aliens just blending in happily with us humans. Scary thought.  I think all aliens should be illegal and we should not be granting them any type of amnesty.  Send them packing in their homemade UFO’s or whatever they rode in on.

Now that I think of it, I don’t doubt that there are indeed aliens among us. It just makes sense.  I bet I could pinpoint a few disguised as humans.  A co-worker, a neighbor  even a family member.  I have always had my doubts on whether some of these people were humans or not.  My boss who has no clue what I do even though I work my ass off for him, he’s definitely an alien.  How about my parasitic sister and her husband who live in mom’s basement, no jobs and paying no rent.  Yep, aliens for sure.  Even a couple of my exes I am sure were aliens.  These aliens are good!

Now I feel better knowing that the reason for some of the actions of the people I know is because they aren’t like you and me.  They are aliens.  Now are they legal or illegal?  That I don’t know.

Be careful driving, there are a lot of them sharing the road with you.