Heart Attack Claims Another Heart Attack Grill Diner

th (1)You just don’t make this shit up.  Even if sometimes, especially in times like this, I wished I did.  The world is filled with stupid people who do stupid things and because of this, we have dumb stuff that sounds made up but are true.

Ever heard of the Heart Attack Grill Restaurant? It’s a Las Vegas restaurant that prides itself on its gigantic burgers.  “Founded in 2005, the unapologetically unhealthy restaurant employs waitresses dressed as nurses and serves butterfat milkshakes, “flatliner” fries and 9,982-calorie “quadruple bypass burgers.” (Patrons who are able to finish them are escorted to their cars in wheelchairs.) Customers who weigh over 350 pounds eat free.  Since opening in Las Vegas in October 2011, there have been various reports of customers having medical emergencies while dining at the grill.”

You gotta love the way they are described as ‘unapologetically unhealthy restaurant’.  We do not apologize for your demise.  Eat at your own risk.

Unfortunately, diners are finding out exactly what’s in a name.  Lots.  The restaurant has been blamed, rightfully or unrightfully so, for the demise of two of its patrons within a two-year span.  No numbers are available on those that sought medical help after their dining experience.

“He lived a very full life,” Jon Basso, owner of the Heart Attack Grill, told the newspaper. “He will be missed.”  I told you you couldn’t make this shit up.  The owner actually made a punny funny!

Maybe he should have ‘bypassed’ the fries…

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