Friday Folly: Osama Bin Laden On Doomed Airline?

Remembering MH370

Remembering MH370 (Photo credit: khengsiong)

I have been following the story about the missing Malaysian airline like a bloodhound on a trail.  Sniffing at officials as they try their best to pretend they know  what happened to the plane.  Days after making a declaration claiming to know where the plane went down, they have picked up stakes and are now making another solid declaration.  Apparently they were a bit off on the location.  Just a tad.  Well like a case of the elusive terrorist, the darn aircraft was not where they were sure it was after all! Gosh darn it!

Today, while the earlier proclamation was still quite fresh on the minds of grieving families who understandably needed some proof, the officials once again released statements that the plane actually never went down where they were 100% sure it did.  So this time they are more surer.  And yes, I know it’s not a word but seeing it’s my blog I can write how I please.  I am just kidding! Come back! Can’t take a joke or what?

Couldn’t you just imagine a news reporter on the first crash scene… “Today, officials have declared that the plane went down right in this spot and all passengers are dead. We are sorry to…Wha..? Excuse me?  We have a new satellite reading? Not here? Ok sorry, we have to go! Stay tuned folks, maybe we will find the plane in one of those caves yonder.”

And you, stay tuned too.  The Himalayas look like a likely place for a crash…

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