Stressed at work? Write your boss a blog

Last week I was stressed out at work.  Too much on my plate, too little training and too many expectations.  I was at my breaking point. Ready to hurl something.  Then I decided to write my boss a blog.

Ok, it wasn’t exactly a blog. I wrote him an email letting him know exactly how I was feeling.  I was not rude or anything.  He understood, or at least he made a good game of pretending to understand how I felt and even scheduled a sit-down with me.  It never happened because he was too busy but you know what? The next day I felt much better! No stress.  Why?

Well the fact that my boss did not think it was an emergency that I was losing my state of sanity made me put things in perspective.  If it wasn’t important to him that I did my work with 100% efficiency, why should it be to me? Well except that I hold myself to a higher standard than most…So I calmed down and man, do I ever feel good! I go to work and I do what I can and save the rest for the next day.  I don’t worry about the stuff that’s not completed. My boss doesn’t.  Well unless he gets crap from his boss then the shit rolls downhill and then the emergency switch gets hit.

So if you are feeling like there’s too much on your plate and you are close to snapping, don’t.  Sit down and write your boss a blog.

Things to do at red lights and train crossings

th (2)People are always complaining about traffic lights.  Red lights and trains, they are just too long, they are annoying, they cause stress…  I live in a city that has trains crisscrossing across the streets and highways and traffic lights thrown in apparently at random.  Maybe there was a sale on traffic lights but it sure makes for a stressful commute at times.  Because of this, I had to come up with ways to de-stress and make use of these waiting times.

One of the things I do is I text.  Yep, I text.  Not texting and driving! Stopping and texting is ok.  I read and reply to texts while waiting for a train to go by.  Before I know it, it’s gone!  Right in the middle of composing a message too!  Then I end up being forced to text while driving.  Just kidding!  Don’t hate. If you don’t have friends, you can use your smartphone to just browse the internet.  Nothing makes time go by like surfing.  Make sure to keep an eye on the train or you will get honked at.

Reading a book or magazine is good too. So keep some reading material in the car for these moments.  Nothing to deep, just light stuff. Playboys and Hustlers are not recommended as they could lead to unwanted behavior. I don’t have time to read as I am usually on my phone surfing or sending texts.

How about grabbing a shut-eye?  If you are a power napper like I am, you could sneak in a quick nap while waiting for that long freight train to go by.  I won’t recommend it at a red light.

These methods have been tested and tried by me.  They work so well that at times, I am wishing that the train would keep on rolling.  Take your time mr. train, take your time…

Hello world!

Hey you, yeah you there.  Wondering what the heck this blog site is about?  Well it’s basically me giving a funny slant to serious stuff.   If it’s too darn serious, don’t worry, I will put the funny into it and make it easily digestible.

See you around! Oh, and if you are smart like I think you are, you will follow me now while you still have a chance.  I am capping it at 500,000 followers, so hurry!

One more thing, let’s establish a basic rule here.  This is and always will be, my blog, not yours or his or hers, mine.  You can critique my content all you want but don’t tell me how I should or should not write.

Comments are greatly appreciated. I have no friends and crave interaction.