Manic Monday: Illiterate Boxer vs Irrelevant Rapper

The war of words between boxer Floyd Mayweather and rapper 50 Cents continued last week with Mayweather saying that 50 Cents was no longer relevant.  Mr. Cents hit back at Floyd, revealing that he had a problem reading. And not because of bad eyesight caused by being punched too many times either.

50 issued a challenge to the already challenged boxer by telling him if he could read a page of Harry Potter without any problems, he would donate 75,000 to a charity.  Nice! Well I could settle that debate easily.  Floyd doesn’t strike me as a very bright young fella and 50 was borderline relevant to begin with.  So in a way, they are both right! Case closed.

50 Cents has 99 problems and reading probably isn’t one. In regards to their particular field, they are both representing quite well.  An illiterate boxer and a washed-up rapper.  Folks, we have a Mexican standoff!

Breaking News! Rapper Dissed!!


Ice-T (Photo credit: pinksugarproductions)

On a slow news day, it is being reported that rapper Ice-T has been dissed.  So what’s new, right? That’s what I said too.  Rappers diss and get dissed all the time.

Well the one doing the disrespecting was none order than Ice-T’s wife of eleven years, CoCo Austin. She apparently took some naughty photos of her with another rapper.  The photos showed up all over the internet and made Ice-T ‘feel like sh@t’.  The man needs to lay down some law and order in his home.

Ice-T is no stranger to the dissing game as he dissed the police in a rap song years and years and years ago.  He also dissed Soulja Boy of ‘Crank That’ by telling him that he killed Hip Hop.  Soulja’s response was “This nigga Ice-T is old as f*ck.  This nigga is old enough to be my great grandfather. He’s the forefather of my nuts.”.  Nice!   Rappers are so eloquent.

Back to CoCo Austin.  Doesn’t that name reminds you of a stripper?  She’s not.  She’s a good catholic school girl.  Seriously.  If you don’t believe me, click here and read it for yourself.

Hip Hoppers and their drama…