Publicizing The Royal Privates

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton at the Garter ...

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton with their privates covered.

In what many are calling an embarrassment to the Royal Palace but which I rather call, Harry and Kate’s excellent adventures, the royal youngsters’ assets have been creating a media buzz lately.  And I’m not talking about their riches.

While on a recent getaway in Vegas, Prince Harry bought into the belief that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  The only thing was that some of his cell-phone-baring-scantily-clad-strip-billiards-playing gals did not get that memo.  We all know what happened after, his crown jewels were displayed all over the web for all to see.  Some balls…

Less than a month after Harry gave the world a peak at what a prince looks like under their princely garment, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of York and also his sister-in-law, also found out that private does not necessarily mean private.  At least in terms of location.  While sunbathing in a private house in France, she opted to let her private parts go public.  She did not figure that technology had given rise to the long ranged camera.  She couldn’t escape the long arm of the paparazzi.  Yes, her puppies also met the same fate as Harry’s jewels.

The royal family called the latest baring, ‘grotesque’.  I am betting that there is nothing grotesque about Kate’s puppies.  We are talking about Kate Middleton here, she doesn’t do grotesque.

What we have all found out from this over-hyped titbit (or is it tidbit?) is that even though they may be royalties, these people are still humans like you and me.  Well maybe more like you but that’s not the point.  It should not be shocking that they are ‘caught’ doing the things many of us consider normal behavior even if a bit edgy.  Yes, they are held to a higher standard of responsibility because of their positions but bear in mind they have never been given a choice.  Their entire lives have been planned for them.  What do you expect from a life like this?  All in all, they are a good bunch of kids who have managed to go through life without much hiccups for the most part.  Leave them alone and let’s feel privileged to have gotten a peak at the Royal Puppies and the Crown Jewels.

Note:   My apologies for misrepresenting the facts.  The palace was not commenting on Kate’s anatomy when it used the word ‘grotesque’.  They were actually referring to the act of posting the pics as ‘grotesque and unjustifiable’.   So much for speed reading.

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