Snoop’s Not A Real Rasta? Oh Jah!

0123-buddy-wailer-snoop-dogg-snoop-lion-article-getty-6One of my first blog related to Snoop Dogg conversion to Rastafarianism while on a trip to Jamaica with heavy emphasis on the ‘trip’.  He claimed to have found his roots and blah blah blah.  Well it turns out that Snoop was trying to infiltrate the Rasta name and wasn’t, isn’t and never will be a real Rasta. Oh Jah!

A group of genuine Jamaican Rastas, including one of my favorite reggae singers, Bunny Wailer, (As you wonder who the hell is Bunny Wailer)  has called on Snoop to stop using their name and pay up.  They allege that Snoop used the Rasta name to make a movie and sell records, otherwise he tried to re-ignite his dying flame.  Oh Snoop! I liked the part where they told Snoop that “smoking weed and loving Bob Marley and reggae music is not what defines the Rastafari Indigenous Culture!”  I bet you thought it did.  Ok, I sorta thought it did too.  Well if it’s doesn’t, then what defines Rastas?  Smoke weed, love Marley and Reggae, what else is there for a Ras to do? Oh Selassie!

Snoop of course had no response to these accusations and when last seen, he was headed to Mecca to answer the call of a dream he had in which the ghost of Muhammad beckoned to him.  Not sure what to make of that but The Dogg-turned-lion could resurface as Snoop Dogg Bin Lyin.

   Snoop and The Ghost Of Bob Marley

One dirty old man

In case some of you didn’t know, having a son is a big deal, not that daughters don’t hold their own in  the ‘big deal’ department but as far as I know, no one has ever sacrificed their personal hygiene for a chance of having a daughter.

In a story that sounds a lot like Snoop Dogg Lion’s, an indian man went to see a priest about having a son. The advice he got was to not shower or bathe.  Thirty eight years and seven daughters later, still no son and still no bath.

Now a few things come to mind when reading this outrageous story.   ‘His wife has threatened to stop sleeping in the same bed as him if he didn’t bathe.’  What sort of a threat is that? Every day for the last thirty eight years? By now I think Mr. Dirtyoldman is immune to her empty threats. “Look here dirtbag!  You better clean up your act or I swear this time I won’t sleep in the same bed with you.  Don’t laugh, this time I am dead serious!  You still smell like the curry we cooked last month.”   His response probably goes something like this, “Tut Tut, you say that all the time.  You like the smell don’t you?  Acqua di BiO (B.O as in Body Odor) is your favorite cologne.”

All jokes aside, what does this guy and Snoop Lion have in common?  A lot.  They both worship at the same church, apparently, and meditate using the same drug.  Oh, and they both follow instructions very well, no matter how ridiculous.

Smell you later!

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