Brazilian woman auctions off virginity to Japanese cherry picker

Slave Auction painting

Virgin Auction

Can I get 780,000? Did I hear 780,000? 780! 780! Yes! 780 going once…780 going twice! Sold to the old pervert in the back for 780,000!  Congrats sir! Go easy on her, it’s her first time.

I was just imagining what it must have sounded like at the auction where a 20-year-old Brazilian lass, Catarina, auctioned off her virginity.  She also said that 90 percent of the money made would be donated to charity. The lucky fella was, yes, a Japanese man by the name of Natsu.  Japanese eh? hmmm…

Natsu, I am thinking, is planning to take Catarina to get a Brazilian wax as the first order of the day.  I would just for fun, then he’s going to take her to the Cuddle Cafe. See my blog here.  I figure she might look good in a Sailor Moon costume but seeing that she claims to be a phys ed student, maybe wearing her school uniform might be a good choice too.

For those of you who are thinking this might be a good idea to make some quick cash, you could go to the website Virgins Wanted to submit some sexy pics of yourself.  If you are the shy type and need a little ego boosting first, send the pics to me and I, meaning my wife and I, will go over them and tell you how much you are worth on the meat market. Sounds good? Then what are you waiting for? Going once…