In The Name Of Kanye, Rise Up And Walk!

English: The words "Kanye West" in t...

English: The words “Kanye West” in the theme of Kanye West’s “G.O.O.D. Friday” song series’ artwork. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As further proof that Kanye thinks he is God, he tried  forcing wheel-chair bound concert-goers to stand up before he drop his rhymes.  ‘All hail the God!’ Apparently Kanye was less than impressed that anyone, crippled or otherwise, would dare sit while in his court.

Kanye even sent out his disciples disguised as bodyguards to see what was causing the hold up.  The disciples brought him back word that a few of the holdouts were actually handicapped and couldn’t stand.  Mr. West grudgingly accepted their excuses and continued on with the show. He was less than impressed.  Poor Kanye.

I hope Kanye never performs at a hospital for sick kids…

Friday Folly: Can We Have The Cripple When You Are Done?

Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever been to Disney World?  If so, you know what a bit@@ it could be to get anywhere.  Lineups everywhere!  If you want to lineup, you have to stand in line for that too.  Well it seems like someone came up with a way to get around this setback.  Use a disabled person! A handicap! A gimp! Whatever politically correct term you could find.  They are there for the taking AND, people let them cut in lines all the time!

So, a group of rich snobs, unlike you and me, thought this up…Oh wait, or was it a wheel-chair bound woman?  I am not sure anymore but someone did.  It’s a win-win situation.  The disabled stand, or should I say sit, to make some cash while the snob with the perfect health and perfect family, gets to the front of the line.  Awww…look at Mrs. Smith and her cute kids…Is that her mom in the wheelchair?  Oh the poor lady.  I wonder what happened…Here  Mrs. Smith, you could go ahead of me.

And that, my friend, is how you cut in lines not only in Disney but everywhere.  Get yourself a disabled person and thank me later.  Now I must go and talk to my polio-stricken mother-in-law.  Poor lady has been in a wheelchair for so long, she could use a vacation.  I wonder if a trip to Disney World would interest her.  On the up and up of course…

Talking about that, a friend of mine went to Disney World with his wife who was recuperating from a broken leg and was in a wheelchair.  He kept getting rich looking women coming up to him and asking, “Are you done with her?”  Or  “If you aren’t using her, could we?”  Just kidding…but it could happen.