False Teeth Left Behind Comes Back To Bite Female Perp In The Butt

thIt sucks, or should I say bite? when you think you have committed the perfect crime only to see the cops show up at your door 7 years later with an arrest warrant.  Worst yet, is that they finally managed to track you down because of those damn false teeth you accidentally left behind.  Seriously?  My false teeth? How?

It happened in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.  A woman robbed a convenience store at knifepoint, making off with some goodies.  I am thinking hard candies as they apparently got stuck to her false teeth resulting in her leaving the teeth behind.  Her dumb move and some DNA came back to bit her in the you-know-where and helped the cops to put a bite on crime.



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Say ‘cheese’ and hand over your purse!

This image shows a Nikon D200 camera with a Ni...

If you go to Winnipeg, Canada, don’t be alarmed if you see a rough-looking thug approaching you and ready to shoot. A photo that is.

In an effort to curb rising violence involving firearms, city police are turning to something unusual, offering cameras for guns.  Turn in your Glock and get a Minolta.  Sounds like a fair trade to me but it wreaks havoc on a thug’s street cred.  “Yo homes, what you packing, man?”  “I got me a 35 with telescopic lens.”  “Wow man! That sounds sick! Who makes that shit?”  “Nikon, bro.”

I am hoping there are some thugs out there who were just in the business because they were trying to make money to buy themselves a camera so they could live out their dreams of becoming a photographer.  You never know, right?  At least they already have the ‘point and shoot’ down pat.

Police are pointing out that gun owners are not to take their guns to camera shops for the exchange.  Apparently it creates a hostile environment and can maybe scare the crap out of the store keeper.